5 Infection Control Strategies for the Well-Being of Your Patients

Infection control: a topic we all love dearly (sarcastic cough). Let’s admit it; it’s a dry topic that not a lot of us enjoy. Let’s break it down. There are several very basic habits in day-to-day practice that I have noticed can have a big impact on patient care. Implementing some very simple steps will help ensure that you...

5 Infection Control Mistakes to Avoid Part 1

Patient safety and infection control are top priorities for hygienists. Surprisingly, there are many dental offices that do not adhere to the latest safety and infection control protocols. Some dental professionals continue to use outdated or ineffective infection control methods because they have always used them, while other dental professionals simply skip over required infection control training. Below are five...

Why Hygienists Should NEVER Treat Patients with Active Oral Herpes

As a dedicated and meticulous dental hygienist, you may find yourself noticing small details that are unnoticed or dismissed by most people. So when a patient presents for her prophy with an active herpes simplex lesion on her lip (herpes labialis), your antennae immediately go up. As you mentally determine the best course of action to take, you calmly begin...

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