FREE Lunch & Learn for You and Your Team!

FREE Lunch & Learn for You and Your Team!

Reserve a date and time for our live online webinar about OraCare's Activated Health Rinse! Get lunch delivered to your office, earn an hour of CE, and get free product!

With This Free Webinar, You’ll Get:

FREE sample of the OraCare product best for your office!

FREE lunch delivered to your office for you and your team!

An hour of FREE CE for everybody on your team that attends!

5 Reasons to Take Advantage of OraCare’s FREE Lunch & Learn 

OraCare is currently offering free lunch and learn online webinars for you and your dental team where you will get in-depth knowledge of their activated chlorine dioxide and xylitol oral rinse. OraCare has been taking the industry by storm with their innovative rinse which uses chlorine dioxide’s oxidizing properties to kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi while neutralizing volatile sulfur compounds and controlling plaque accumulation. This unique rinse utilizes a two bottle system to active the chlorine dioxide just prior to use. This allows the gas from chlorine dioxide to reach places a normal rinse can’t. In addition to learning all the fun science behind OraCare, here are five other reasons why you and your team should take advantage of OraCare’s free lunch & learn! 

Free Lunch for You & Your Team Who said there’s no such thing as a free lunch? OraCare will order lunch and have it delivered to your office for you and your team to enjoy during the online presentation. Whether its pizza, sandwiches, or something else, lunch is on OraCare!  

Free Live CE for You & Your Team We all need CE to keep our licenses current, so why not earn CE credit while enjoying lunch at the office? Because the online presentation is live and includes a 10 minute Q&A &t the end, it is considered a live CE. Knock down the amount of CE you need to take with this lunch & learn!  

Free OraCare Samples OraCare believes in their activated oral rinse so much that they are willing to give you free samples to try it out. They know once you experience the power of OraCare firsthand, you will understand why it is taking the dental industry by storm, and how it will improve your patients’ oral health.  

Discover a New Revenue Source Here’s where things get really exciting for the practice owner! OraCare is only distributed through dental offices, so when you recommend it to patients, they must buy it through your practice. This provides a great new revenue opportunity for your practice, and some super-cool practice owners have been known to give commissions and bonuses to their staff for referrals!  

Improve Patients’ Oral Health All of the reasons listed above are great incentives, but ultimately as healthcare providers, we are in the business of improving our patients’ oral health. OraCare is a great product to do just that. During the free lunch & learn&you will see exactly how OraCare works, the science behind it, and the results patients have experience in the past. You will then get to try it for yourself.  

What are you waiting for? Reserve your spot now!