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Buy 2 Purevac HVE System Kits, Get 1 Purevac SC Evacuation System Cleaner, 2L bottle and Purevac Auto Walkabout Dispenser Free!

The Purevac HVE System is designed to provide oral high-volume evacuation, visualization, illumination, and retraction during dental procedures. The system consists of the HVE Mirror Tip, which is a high-volume evacuation tip with built-in dental mirror, and the HVE Hose Adapter that consists of a flexible and lightweight HVE hose connected to a 360-degree swivel for the HVE Mirror Tip. This enables a one-handed approach to evacuate the patient’s oral cavity of aerosols, splatter, fluid, and debris, while also providing visibility to the treatment area. Contact your local Dentsply Sirona Sales Representative call 1-800-278-4344 or visit to learn more.

Buy 3 Bottles of Nupro® Chlorhexidine Gluconate 0.12%
Oral Rinse, USP, Get 1 Free!

A clinically proven solution joins the full line of Nupro® Treatments.

  • Clinically proven to reduce redness, swelling, and bleeding of gums, due to gingivitis(1)
  • Increases patient compliance with its pleasant mint taste
  • Economically priced and available through your favorite dental distributor
  • Chlorhexidine Gluconate has been clinically proven to control total plaque count and to reduce bacteria count by 54-97%. (2)

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(1) Grossman E, Reiter G, Sturzenberger OP, et al. Six-month study of the effects of chlorhexidine mouth rinse on gingivitis in adults. J Periodont Res. 1986;21 (suppl 16): 33-34
(2) Data on File

Buy 3 Boxes of Nupro® White Varnish and Get 1 Box Free!

Uniquely formulated varnish for hypersensitivity relief. Nupro White Varnish releases more than 7 times the amount of Fluoride than the leading varnish brand over a two hour period – and requires a shorter wear time compared to other leading varnish brands.

Five patient-friendly flavors – Mint, Bubblegum, Grape, Raspberry, and Caramel.

  • 2-hour wear time, so patients can quickly resume eating and drinking
  • May be applied to wet tooth surface
  • Easy to see during application and sets to a clear finish
  • Uniquely formulated for hypersensitivity relief
  • Available in: caramel, bubble gum, grape, raspberry, and mint flavors

Watch this video to see the difference:

Stock up now! Use the promo code listed below to get a free box when you buy three!