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Buy 3 Boxes of Nupro® White Varnish and Get 1 Box Free!

Uniquely formulated varnish for hypersensitivity relief. Nupro White Varnish releases more than 7 times the amount of Fluoride than the leading varnish brand over a two hour period – and requires a shorter wear time compared to other leading varnish brands.

Five patient-friendly flavors – Mint, Bubblegum, Grape, Raspberry, and Caramel.

  • 2-hour wear time, so patients can quickly resume eating and drinking
  • May be applied to wet tooth surface
  • Easy to see during application and sets to a clear finish
  • Uniquely formulated for hypersensitivity relief
  • Available in: caramel, bubble gum, grape, raspberry, and mint flavors

Watch this video to see the difference:

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Buy 4 Boxes of Com-Fit Masks and Get 1 Box Free!

When it Comes to Face Masks, We’ve Got You Covered.

Maximum filtration, greater breathability and superior comfort, a line of facial protection to meet the needs of any office!

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BUY a Nupro Freedom Prophy Package with foot pedal GET a $150 rebate!

Introducing the Nupro Freedom® Cordless Prophy Package with SmartMode® Technology and Foot Pedal

Delivering an unprecedented choice in how you control polishing while providing a better experience for you and your patients.

Easily adapt to your polishing preference or patient presentation by choosing between SmartMode Technology, the latest advancement in polishing speed control using gentle pressure of the prophy cup against the tooth to control its speed, or the included wireless foot pedal for a more traditional experience in handpiece use.