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We help brands connect with smart, curious, and passionate dental hygienists. Whether it's with traditional ad experiences, branded content, social influencer sponsorships, lead generation, or strategic partnerships, we marry business objectives to data-driven advertising solutions in order to meet your goals.

Today’s RDH by the Numbers

2 million content views per month across all channels.

By utilizing a network of the biggest social influencers in dental hygiene, we have a reach that is unrivaled among other dental hygiene publications.

Key demographic of dental hygienists age 24 - 49.

The hygienists reading Today’s RDH are in the prime of their career. They are the decision makers for the products they use in the office every single day.

Hundreds of thousands monthly page views with steady growth.

From our very first month of operation we were able to drive hundreds of thousands of page views with our influencer partnerships and social media & SEO strategies.

Deep Analytics

We love data. Not only does it keep everybody honest, it makes us smarter. Our growth and audience development did not happen by accident. It happened because we never stop looking at the data and how we can improve.

Actionable Insights

We are constantly exploring new ways to understand how our users interact with editorial and branded content. This constant learning translates into actionable insights for our partners to grow their brand, and ultimately sales.

Full Transparency

Numbers don’t lie and we have nothing to hide. We are proud to offer full transparency to our clients on the performance of their campaigns. Beyond standard monthly reporting, we also provide real time views of stats and actual screenshots of campaign results. Sadly, not all publications offer this level of transparency, which begs the question… what are they hiding?

Today’s RDH Grows Your Brand

Brand Awareness

Our cross-platform targeting capabilities allow you to reach dental hygienists where their attention actually is – on their phones and online!

Lead Generation

Fill your funnel with hygienists who specifically opt-in to hear your message. They are excited to learn about your brand and what you have to offer!

Social Engagement

Our community of hygienists is active and engaged. Get them talking about your brand with one of our measurable viral marketing campaigns!

Custom Campaigns

Have something else in mind? If you need to reach hygienists, we are your answer. We develop custom campaigns based on your specifications.

Opportunities & Solutions

Digital Advertising

  • Newsletter Sponsorship
  • Homepage Takeover
  • Category Takeover
  • LeaderBoard (728×90)
  • Big Box (300×250)
  • Dedicated Email Blasts
  • Re-targeting / Re-marketing
  • Social Media Advertising

Social Media Campaigns

  • Social Influencer Ambassador Roles
  • Social Media Sponsored Posts
  • Product Sample Giveaways
  • Lead Generation Contests
  • Live Event Appearances
  • Video Promotion & Distribution
  • The PR Approach
  • Theme/Hashtag Campaigns

Content Creation

  • Dedicated Resource Center
  • Product Videos
  • Product Reviews
  • Q&A: Ask Kara RDH
  • Whitepapers/E-papers
  • Creative Influencer Campaigns
  • Co-content Creation Campaigns
  • Content Sharing/Link Building

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