Ask Kara RDH: Holding X-ray Sensor While Exposing Radiographs

I work in a pediatric office, and the doctor won’t buy a size 0 sensor. Because of this, to “get the shot” we are...

Ask Kara RDH: Young Hygienist Doesn’t Scale Thoroughly

Our office has three hygienists; myself, who has been a hygienist for 35 years, my coworker “Lorna” who has been a hygienist 45 years,...

Charcoal Whitening: Level of Abrasiveness and Effects on Enamel

The dental business is a booming structure that is constantly being introduced to new inventions and dentifrices intended to improve oral health. Whitening has...

QUIZ: Test your Dental Radiograph Knowledge!

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Fluoride Varnish Shown to Prevent Dental Caries in Young Children

Fluoride varnish shows great promise for preventing tooth decay in young children, according to recent findings by researchers at the Institute for Quality and Efficiency...

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