Angela Singer

Today's RDH Podcast Narrator

Angela Singer is the voice of Today’s RDH podcast audio articles, where she brings a balance of informative narration with an engaging, conversational tone.

For over 10 years, Angela has been recording and producing voice over content for media outlets, Fortune 500 companies, tech startups, documentary productions, academic institutions, and international nonprofit campaigns.

While Angela began her career as a TV reporter for a CBS affiliate, she quickly pivoted into industries ranging from technology, health and wellness, and medical research, to commercial property development, advertising, and education. Her love for bringing stories to life with her voice never waned, however, and Angela found herself voicing ad campaigns, product demos, webinars, course material, client support videos, and voice mails at each company she worked for. Eventually, Angela decided to pursue voice over work on the side and later made the leap to full time.

Angela’s goal with every voice over project is to bring the script to life in a way that creates connection, understanding, and community. She especially loves the RDH community, and Angela's oral health has benefited greatly from her newly acquired knowledge! Angela records and produces Today’s RDH podcast audio articles from her studio in Los Angeles, California.

Outside of the recording studio, Angela enjoys teaching meditation (and sometimes goes back into the studio to produce guided meditations), creating art, and exploring the beauty of California with her husband and sweet pit bull.

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