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Kristin Goodfellow, RDH
Kristin Goodfellow is a practicing Registered Dental Hygienist in the state of West Virginia. Originally from Pennsylvania, Kristin and her husband Joe decided to stay in the area after both attending West Virginia University. While there she obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication. Due to a high interest in the dental field Kristin decided to continue her education and enrolled in Allegany College of Maryland ‘s Dental Hygiene program, there she completed her Associate’s of Science Degree in Dental Hygiene. At graduation for her outstanding chair side education Kristin was chosen by instructors to receive Proctor & Gamble’s Excellence in Patient Communication Award. Kristin is currently practicing dental hygiene throughout the state of West Virginia, providing care to patients in the offices of Wilson Martino and TLC Dental. She is also a product specialist for Dentist Select’s revolutionary health rinse-OraCare.

Clean the Toilet or Floss: Which Would Your Patients Rather Do?

This article is not about whether flossing works or not. We believe there is enough evidence to prove flossing works if done daily and done properly. So the real questions are, do patients floss daily and do they floss properly? Do Patients Floss Daily? If you’re currently chuckling to yourself thinking only a few of your patients even make an attempt to floss,...

Volatile Sulfur Compounds: The Hidden Enemy Causing Bad Breath and More!

We all know about bacteria and its role in bad breath, periodontal disease, and wound healing. But do you know about the hidden enemy? The enemy which bacteria releases to help itself be more successful in the disease process? Bacteria, like all other living organisms, must eat to survive. Once they eat, they have to go to the bathroom. What...