Trish Keena, RDH, BS

Today's RDH Advisory Board Member

Trish (De Dios) Keena has been in the dental field for over 15 years, ten of those as a highly engaged and well-known RDH. Trish graduated from William Rainey Harper College in 2008 as President of her class. Trish found her passion went far beyond the operatory, falling in love with the tight-knit community of RDH’s and the greater dental field. This passion for the industry led to leadership roles including board positions for local dental hygiene components, brand ambassador roles, adjunct faculty teaching dental anatomy, and representing companies such as WaterPik and Young Dental, all the while balancing her clinical duties.
In 2012 Trish was featured as the RDH Magazine Cover Spotlight, following this Trish was invited to begin her own monthly column for RDH Magazine concentrating on Career Development. Her articles focused on encouraging and guiding hygienists who wanted to pursue non-clinical opportunities.
In 2013 Trish became a Regional Coordinator for The Oral Cancer Foundation, along with her peers, Trish was part of hosting, what was at the time, the largest fundraising event in the organization’s history. Trish’s passion for early detection and oral cancer screenings inspired her and Alison Stahl RDH, to create an instructional YouTube video for clinicians. To date, the video has over 25k views on YouTube.
Trish continues to educate dental professionals as a representative of OraPharma in the Chicagoland area. The opportunity to speak daily to entire office teams about the importance of treating periodontal disease comprehensively is what she describes as a dream job for her.  Trish is currently completing her MBA and still finds the time to volunteer her clinical skills whenever the opportunity arises because treating patients ultimately always feels like home, right where she belongs.

"I am honored to be a part of this new publication for hygienists by hygienists. Today's RDH has ambitions to be practical, relevant and resourceful and with Kara leading the way, this publication will have a real pulse on today's current hygiene community and what RDH's need from a publication that represents them!"
-- Trish Keena, RDH