10 Dental Christmas Gift Ideas

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Christmas is a joyous holiday enjoyed by all ages. The annual celebration brings together families for cookie baking, gift exchanging, trimming the tree, and caroling. Gift exchanging has become commemorative of the Christmas tradition. Waking in the morning to find gifts under the tree or stockings stuffed with gifts brings joy to those receiving and those observing.

Christmas traditions are international and vary from region to region. In the United States, gifts are left under the tree and in stockings on December 25, as well as in Japan and many other countries. However, the Dutch receive their gifts on December 5, and residents in Belgium, Germany, and other European countries receive their gifts on December 6th.

Although in the United States we leave gifts under the tree and in stockings, in other areas of the world, such as Europe, presents are left in boots or socks. Workplaces and families also celebrate the gift exchange using a “Secret Santa” concept, which consists of receiving gifts from an anonymous giver.

Christmas gifts can range from a toy train set and a bicycle to a doll or art kit. However, some gift ideas in relation to dentistry can be just as exciting as that new toy or bottle of wine.

Here is a list of dental gift options available to the dental professional and the public:

Whitening Gift Certificate

Whitening products can range from in-house treatments to store-bought products. Although the desire to have a bright white smile is not always attainable for some, this is a great gift for any adult.

Electric Toothbrushes

Electric toothbrushes range in cost from five dollars to $200. It’s a product that most would like to have, but one which some can’t seem to justify buying in terms of its cost, such as that desired designer bag. Contacting a dental representative for an electric toothbrush may result in a discounted cost for the dental professional purchasing the item. Kids also love to receive that character, light-up, or musical electric toothbrush in their stockings on Christmas morning.

Dental Jewelry

Dental professionals love to receive tooth earrings, dental-related necklaces, or bracelets.  Dental-related jewelry is a gift that reminds the receiver of the giver every time it is worn.

Tooth Fairy Box

This is a great gift for the new mothers who plan on saving their children’s first lost tooth. It is also a wonderful gift for children who are at the age of tooth loss. All children need a place to store the tooth they will be hiding when the tooth fairy first arrives.


Toothpaste is not only a great stocking stuffer but also a thoughtful gift for that family member who may have oral suffering due to an illness or medications. A dental professional may have access to a toothpaste that will aid in reducing oral suffering and, therefore, be appreciated by the gift receiver.

Dental Tote Bag

Many dental professionals split work between different offices, which makes this a very practical gift. Having a tote bag with or without a dental-related theme or monogram is helpful in transporting loupes, water bottle, lotion, and any other dental-related item needed for an average workday.

Water Bottle

A water bottle is a practical gift that emphasizes the importance of water for a healthy oral environment as well as overall health. Water bottles are available with or without imprints, while some even have measurements so users can keep track of their consumption.

Water Flosser

This can be a great gift for a parent, spouse, or your orthodontic child to help aid in maintaining healthy gum tissue. People working in the dental field can contact a dental sales representative and may receive a professional discount for their purchase.

Dental Essentials

Floss, floss picks, and fluoride rinses are also great stocking stuffers that won’t break the bank.

Volunteering at a Dental Clinic

Volunteering a day at a dental clinic during the holidays is a cost-effective gift that has a huge impact on the giver and receiver. Volunteering is a heart-warming experiencing that benefits the less fortunate.

The overall purpose of Christmas is about time spent away from work with family and friends. It is a time to embrace the lights, the food, the music, and the traditions. Enjoying the opening of presents and the light in the eyes of the gift receiver is magical. However, “opening up” family and friends to dental gifts may also introduce new traditions in the future.

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Heather Hakes, RDH
Heather Hakes, RDH, was born in Upstate New York where she started her Dental Hygiene career in 2000. Heather practiced in Upstate New York for three years at a general dentist practice where she gained experience with high and low functioning special needs patients. Heather then went on to pediatrics before moving to Virginia in 2007. She currently practices in Virginia in a general dental practice, where she has worked for the last ten years. Heather also works one day per week in an office with periodontal focus. Heather resides in rural Virginia with her husband, Robert, her son Ryan, and two dogs, Rex and Jake. Heather enjoys home improvement projects, reading, writing, and spending time with family and friends.