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Abigail Alewelt, RDH

Abigail Alewelt, RDH
Abigail Alewelt, RDH, is a new graduate of the dental hygiene program at Illinois Central College in Peoria, Illinois. Currently, she is a student at the University of Illinois Springfield with the ambition to complete her Bachelor’s degree in Biological sciences while working as a dental hygienist in Illinois. Once completed, Abigail will be applying to dental school at SIU School of Dental Medicine.

Why Caries Detection is More than Just Looking for “Stickiness”

Patients and dental professionals don’t always see eye to eye on dental needs, but carious lesions are one thing they often agree on. No one wants to hear the dreaded words that you, or your child, have a cavity. Through various lectures of my schooling, caries detection, both traditional and newer age techniques, have been addressed. Traditionally, caries detection was...

Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation in Dental and Medical Settings as a Method of Sterilization

Contaminated surfaces, instruments, and airborne particles present in dental and medical settings are a potential health hazard to medical professionals and patients. Although these microbial populations can be minimized through preventive efforts such as pre-procedural rinses, plastics barriers and proper infection control, these microorganisms are still present in the operatory. Sterilization has been thoroughly studied for use in many...

Dental Hygiene School: Skip the Stress, Hit the Strategies

Dental hygiene students begin preparing for board exams starting from the beginning of the program up until the day of the exam. Whether it be honing in on instrumentation skills or hitting the books, students have a lot to master before they are deemed competent in the practice of dental hygiene. As a student, some of the most daunting...