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Brooke Ackerman, BSDH, RF

Brooke Ackerman, BSDH, RF, is known as an efficient and personable dental professional with a passion for education and connecting in ways that truly make a difference. Her creative expertise in communication, leadership, and innovation within the dental office and her commitment to working within a network of professionals as part of a dynamic team committed to excellence make Brooke a trusted expert in the dental field- an advocate for successful dental practices. A graduate of the University of Minnesota, Mankato, Brooke’s experience includes over 10 years of clinical dental hygiene. Brooke is currently pursuing her MSDH with a focus in Management.

Co-Diagnoses: How Dental Hygienists’ Input Strengthens Dentists’ Oral Health Goals

The dreaded D-word: diagnosis. Why is it that such an integral part of every hygiene appointment is tiptoed around by hygienists? Dental hygienists are smart, focused, and, most importantly, trusted by our patients. Think for a minute about the time patients spend with their hygienist versus the doctor – utilize it! There are three key responsibilities of the dental hygienist...