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Deirdre Anderson, RDH
Deirdre Anderson, RDH, is a passionate dental hygienist and an enthusiastic educator who graduated in 2015 and hit the ground running. She started her career working on a population that did not grow up with a strong understanding of oral care and learned the importance of starting with the basics quickly. She strongly believes in co-discovery of conditions and helping everyone to achieve the smile they deserve. She is always looking for new innovations in prevention and strives to help people take that first step to become healthy. She enjoys spending her weekends with her family and dog, taking road trips, and enjoying the little moments.

Habit Shift: Getting Dental Patients Back on Track after Lockdown

The pandemic has been rough for most people, and many routines and habits have been dramatically altered or dropped altogether. While many people are returning to the office, some have been trying to adapt to their "new normal." Many dental patients who worked from home were rolling out of bed and going down the hall to their computer and...

Encouragement over Punishment: How Dental Patients Hear Our Oral Health Messages

"Floss more and brush better." This is the dreaded advice patients expect to get scolded with every six months. How many times have we sat there and discussed the benefits of interdental cleaning and demonstrated how to brush? Let's step back and remember what it was like for us before we became oral health preventative specialists. A patient would show...