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Heather Crockett, RDH

Heather Crockett, RDH
Heather was born and raised near Salt Lake City, Utah. In the year 2000, shortly after she graduated from high school, she became a dental assistant and trained on the job. During her dental assisting years, Heather grew to love dentistry and her passion for the profession grew. When she wasn’t at work, she was often reading a dental book from the library in an effort to learn more about dentistry.

In 2004, she began a two-year stretch working as office manager/receptionist at a dental office. Heather had no intentions of attending college, however, the amazing dentist she worked for and a great dental hygienist coworker, encouraged her to go to dental hygiene school. Another dental hygienist she worked with did just the opposite and discouraged her from a career in hygiene. This only fueled Heather more, as she has a drive to accept a challenge, and do more than what people expect. Heather attended the Utah College of Dental Hygiene and graduated in 2008. Shortly after graduation, the dreaded WREB exam was taken, and she aced it! For nearly ten years now, Heather has been serving the communities of Utah in private practice. Each office has proved to be a unique opportunity to learn, grow, and experience new and exciting things.

Other than her three maternity leaves, Heather has worked clinical hygiene two-four days per week since she graduated. She is working private practice three days a week for a dentist she hopes to retire with. Currently, Heather is also working as a Senior Ambassador for Burst Oral Care.

Heather’s experience in all aspects of the dental office make her a unique and valuable asset to all who work in the dental field. She offers a different perspective because of her varying skills and over seventeen years of total dental experience. Heather has a very light-hearted approach to her writing and hopes to assist others through her articles. Her ultimate goal is to someday speak to many dental professionals at conventions and offer continuing education to her colleagues.

Heather lives in Riverton, Utah, with her husband Jeff and their three boys. When she is not in the op or writing she loves hanging out with her family, watching football, and making some yummy gluten-free food.

Front Desk: Help Where It Makes Sense, Without Stepping on Toes

Have you ever quarreled with the front desk personnel? No, never! No one ever disagrees, right? Fortunately and unfortunately, I have been in the front desk’s shoes. For two years before beginning dental hygiene school, I was the office manager for a dental practice. Guess what? It’s HARD WORK. I ultimately decided that reception/office work was not for me....