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Heidi Cruz, RDH, BSDH

Heidi Cruz, RDH, BSDH, is an expanded duties hygienist at Yakima Valley Farmworkers Clinic in Yakima, Washington. She previously worked as a dental assistant and dental financial manager in private practice before attending dental hygiene school at Yakima Valley College, where she discovered her passion for Community Health. She then completed her Bachelor's degree in dental hygiene at Oregon Technical Institute. When not working, Heidi takes full advantage of the beautiful state she lives in. She loves backpacking, skiing, gardening, and taking care of her goats.

Home Care: Helping the Dental Patient Develop Lasting Oral Health Habits

As rewarding as a dental hygiene career can be, there will always be challenges. One of the biggest frustrations in dental hygiene practice is patients’ non-compliance with home care instructions. It is important to figure out what is holding them back. Possibilities could include the lack of skill or dexterity, not understanding the instructions given, or simply not valuing their...

Community Health Clinics: Discovering Joy in a Dental Hygiene Career

When I tell my dental hygienist friends that I work in a community health clinic, I get a variety of responses. Some ask if I’m doing non-surgical periodontal therapy/SRP all day. Many ask how long I think I can keep it up. Others ask if I’ve looked around for a private practice job. However, the truth is I love...