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Jennifer Ryan, RDH
Jennifer Ryan, RDH, graduated from the Wallace State Dental Hygiene Program in Hanceville, Alabama, in 2003, and is a member of the ADHA. During her years at Wallace State, she went on clinical rotations at the VA Hospital and Jefferson County Health Department in Birmingham, Alabama. She found these experiences most valuable in her training to become a Registered Dental Hygienist because they helped in honing her clinical skills as well as giving her the opportunity to see patients in different clinical settings with different levels of oral and physical health. Jennifer is married with three adult sons. She is currently employed in Alabama working the evening shift to accommodate patients who have difficulty reserving appointments during the day. During her years working in a clinical setting for various dentists in private practice, Jennifer has been passionate about the need for patient-first care. She strives to provide each patient with the standard of care needed while also trying to establish a good rapport. All aspects of dental hygiene interest her, and she has a desire to continue learning as well as writing. Jennifer is pursuing other aspects of the dental health care profession out of the clinical setting. She is now an ambassador for BURST and PlaqueHD in hopes of helping others while promoting the importance of better oral health and prevention of disease. She also has a desire to educate and encourage the dental hygiene community through writing, which has been a passion of hers for many years. If you are interested in trying out BURST, head over to burstoralcare.com and use Jennifer's Ambassador promo code: E8B3HW Try PlaqueHD here.

How Dental Hygienists Can Help Patients with Dental Phobias

How many times a week do you hear the phrases, “I hate the dentist, I always dread coming here, I would rather be somewhere else,” or some other phrase indicating the patient highly dislikes being at the dental office, which includes your operatory? When hearing these phrases, we can either become offended at the statement, and take it personally,...

How to Build Good Rapport with Patients and Set Yourself Apart

Have you ever had a patient ask, “So, what do you think?” after the dentist walks out of the room? If so, that patient trusts you not only with his/her oral health care but also with an important financial decision. You have developed a good rapport with that patient, and maintaining it is extremely important for many reasons. We...