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Katie Thalberg, LDA, LDH, BSDH

Katie Thalberg, LDA, LDH, BSDH
Katie Thalberg, LDA, LDH, BSDH, is a practicing hygienist at St. Paul Family Dentistry in MN. In addition to practicing privately, she is also a Clinical Representative with Young Dental. She also taught Dental Hygiene and Assisting for five years at Century Community College in White Bear Lake, MN. Her favorite thing about the dental profession is helping patients find methods to achieve and maintain oral health. Katie can be reached at Katie.thalberg [at] gmail.com.

How Do I Do All This in 60 Minutes?

The race of the clock, the fifth glare you've given your doctor in the last 10 minutes, the sweat dripping down your back, the panic rising, the need to strip off your lab coat and turn on your fan immediately, the pacing, the frantically trying to find and set up another op for your next patient. TIME MANAGEMENT -...

5 Infection Control Strategies for the Well-Being of Your Patients

Infection control: a topic we all love dearly (sarcastic cough). Let’s admit it; it’s a dry topic that not a lot of us enjoy. Let’s break it down. There are several very basic habits in day-to-day practice that I have noticed can have a big impact on patient care. Implementing some very simple steps will help ensure that you...