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Kristina Martsenyak, RDH, BASDH

Kristina Martsenyak, RDH, BASDH
Kristina Martsenyak, RDH, BASDH, started pursuing a career in dentistry when she was accepted into the University of the Pacific, California, in 2010 for an accelerated dental program. Unfortunately, she was not able to complete the program for familial reasons. She came back to her home state of Washington and completed the dental assisting program at Renton Technical College. After working for three years in the field, Kristina’s passion for preventive dentistry grew. She was accepted into the dental hygiene program at Lake Washington Institute of Technology and was among the first to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Science. After temping for one year across the greater Puget Sound area, Kristina discovered a great lack of awareness of proper oral hygiene. Her passion for educating people on the importance of oral health grew both in a clinical setting and through volunteer work at local community events. Recently, Kristina started a YouTube channel in order to provide the public with resources and motivational content to achieve and maintain optimal oral health. She is excited to inspire her viewers to take pride in their oral health — one video at a time! YouTube: Kristina RDH / Instagram: @askahygienist / Facebook: Kristina RDH

Disability Insurance: Prevention May Lead to a Denied Claim

Does anybody feel like insurance companies have a vague resemblance to a scamming scheme? You pay month after month for an illusory sense of security. If something should happen on the off chance the worst-case scenario does arise, there is a huge deductible. Or worse, the insurance denies your claim for a reason found in the small print on...