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Layna Burns, RDH

Layna Burns, RDH
Layna Burns, RDH, is a graduate from Lamar Institute of Technology of Beaumont, Texas, in 2006. Her favorite part of hygiene is patient care as a whole. Studies show that the mouth is connected to the rest of the body; because of that Layna also consider the heart, mind, and soul when treating patients. Layna lives in Southeast Texas with her husband of 19 years, two beautiful teenage children, and dog. She loves to read, write, and laugh. Jesus, family, and friends are important to her. Chips and salsa are a staple, and home is Layna’s very favorite place to be.

How Dental Hygienists Make Patients Feel Welcome

Not too long ago, a patient showed up with a crocheted blanket for one of our hygienists who was expecting a baby soon. I witnessed two women, one in her childbearing years and one with grown children and grandchildren, a patient and a hygienist, who had built a special relationship. I believe a bond was formed over patient care...