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Nikole Schram, RDH

Nikole Schram, RDH
Nikole is a dental hygienist with a passion for community service. She graduated from Lansing Community College in 2013 with honors. She has been working in a community dental hygiene clinic for five years serving complex need patients. She has an intense desire and drive to improve low-income access to health and dental care through community outreach programs. She is currently involved in the planning stages of a community project called the Dependable Smiles Project to gain funding for periodontal therapies for low-income patients. In her free time, she enjoys riding and showing dressage horses as well as traveling with her husband and three dogs.

6 Ways to Organize Your Op for Maximum Efficiency

Everyone knows that feeling you get when you walk into a space that is cluttered, crowded, or disheveled. A little anxiety starts to bubble up, and you immediately want to leave or start cleaning. You don’t want to have this feeling when you walk into your workspace, and you certainly don’t want your patients to feel that way. You...

Community Dental Clinics: Serving Those in Need

In today’s day of insurance coverage for all, one would think everyone would have access to quality dental care. This is a myth. 28.2 million Americans remain uninsured1. This population will go without care, even when in pain, due to the cost of receiving that care. This is where low-cost dental clinics come to the rescue. When people have...

7 Ways to Turn Awkward Appointments into Amazing Ones

We all have that one patient (maybe more) that we see in our schedule and inwardly cringe. Or we have a new patient that makes our head spin with their bizarre behavior. How do you handle that? What do you say? Can we make this appointment go “normally?” Below are seven tips for making awkward appointments run smoothly thereby...