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Rachael D. Lolling, RDH, is a U.S. Air Force Veteran, Owner of Rig Way Oral Health, and practicing clinician for the public school system under the All Kids dental program in Illinois. Rachael’s newest dental adventure is designing and manufacturing a new, revolutionary manual toothbrush, the FitsBrush. She gives back by providing resources, supplies, and education to kids kindergarten through high school. Rig Way has also donated thousands of FitsBrushes to local homeless shelters and hospice.

Learn more about Rachael and her mission at fitsbrush.com, email rachaellolling [at] gmail.com, or (815) 541-5730.

Why Early Orthodontic Treatment May Be a Mistake and Not Necessary

Editor's Note: This article is one person's experience and is anecdotal. It should not be taken as orthodontic advice. Please consult an orthodontist for treatment needs based on individual circumstances. As a dental hygienist, we are often the first to see a child and recognize that the patient may have an orthodontic problem. Assessment at a young age can indicate...

Riding it Out: The Struggle One Hygienist Went Through to Find Career Happiness

I can still recall how I felt when I first graduated from hygiene school. I was pumped up and proud of myself for the new life I was creating. I wasn’t new to the dental field; I had been an assistant for four years, but my new role as a hygienist is what intrigued me. I interviewed in my hometown about 15...

Why Dental Hygienists Should Be Employed in Every School

I believe every school-aged child should have access to necessary hygiene items, for free. There is no reason for children to go without the basics needed to succeed. I have experienced numerous times while performing hygiene treatment in schools, as I’m explaining why they need to brush better, children telling me they don’t have a toothbrush. Then seeing their excitement when I...