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Sara Brooks, RDH, BS

Sara Brooks, RDH, BS
Sara Brooks, RDH, BS, graduated from Carl Sandburg College with an Associates in Dental Hygiene in 2006. She later finished her Bachelor’s degree in Oral Health Promotion from O’Hehir University in 2018. Sara is married and has two daughters. Even when Sara is not in the dental office treating patients, she still has a passion for teeth. Sara has recently signed up as an Independent Oral Care Specialist with Hylife and looks forward to treating the elderly population.

Career Satisfaction: Could Accelerated Hygiene Equal Accelerated Burnout?

Some dentists are switching to the trend of assisted or accelerated hygiene. In this concept, the assistants go over medical history, take radiographs, polish, and stay for the exam with the doctor. This leaves just periodontal charting, ultrasonic scaling, and hand scaling up to the hygienist. For the dentist or office manager, this increases production by stacking patients in the...

Dental Hygienists Can Either Step Out or Step in Poop

I’ve always been an introvert, the shy girl. I would stand in the back of the room and go unnoticed. The thought of walking into a crowded room where I know no one still makes me terrified. That has all improved for me, but first, let me tell you why. In 1997, I was 12 years old and in the seventh...