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Stacie Neely, RDH, BSDH

Stacie Neely, RDH, BSDH
Stacie Neely, RDH, BSDH, graduated from Oregon Institute of Technology in Klamath Falls, Oregon in 2011 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Dental Hygiene. Stacie has worked in general practice since graduating from college, and she currently works four days a week. Since 2016, Stacie has also worked as an adjunct faculty member at Oregon Institute of Technology as a clinical instructor and teaches dental ethics. Stacie currently lives in Klamath Falls, Oregon with her husband, Josh, step-son, Tyler, and her 2-year-old French bulldog, Loki. She enjoys reading, spending time with her family, camping and, four-wheeling on the Oregon Coast.

Dental Ethics: A Decision-making Framework Helps Define Solutions

We all took that class. It was the class where we tried not to fall asleep during our first year as dental hygiene students. We knew there was important information during the lectures, but we hoped that we would never have to experience an ethical dilemma. Now here you are in your dental office faced with a situation that needs...