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Umaizil Dhamrah, RDH

Umaizil Dhamrah, RDH
Umaizil Dhamrah, RDH, was born and raised in a family of doctors. From an early age, she was exposed to an underserved population suffering from inadequate medical and dental care. With a passion for serving people in need, she pursued her career as a dental hygienist from Collin College Dental Hygiene Program and is currently working her dream job. As for her, providing preventive dental care to the patients is an opportunity to express gratitude to the community.

Examining the Possible Correlation between Periodontitis and COVID-19

Editor’s Note: As new research emerges, information about COVID-19 can change. We have made every attempt to ensure this article is up to date at the time of its original publication (September 20, 2023). However, knowledge about COVID-19 is constantly evolving. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a serious global concern that has raised an enigma about its pathophysiology. The Centers...