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Veronica Rockwitz, RDH; RYT-200

Veronica Rockwitz, RDH; RYT-200
Veronica started her career as a Registered Dental Hygienist in 1995 and has worked in practices that specialize in world-class dentistry. She is currently licensed in NY, NJ, and GA.

Through continuing education, networking with other healthcare professionals, and staying abreast of the latest advancements in systems and technology, Veronica has developed into a leader in her field. She currently works for a progressive dentist that specializes in occlusal therapy, where she is responsible for training, coaching, and mentoring her team members. Veronica also works as a trainer for a global dental products company where she educates dental offices on periodontal therapy.

As a Registered Yoga Teacher since 2007, Veronica incorporates multiple yoga disciplines into her classes with the intention of creating a warm, caring environment where she shares her enthusiasm and compassion with students of all levels. She truly believes that yoga is the foundation for a balanced lifestyle which can open one to life’s infinite possibilities.

Veronica enjoys her role as a healthcare professional and teacher that is capable of effectively communicating her learnings to positively influence others.

Currently living in Alpharetta, Georgia, Veronica is married and the mother of two wonderful children. Eager to meet new patients and students, her personal mission is to provide excellent care and to educate them on

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