VIDEO: Try Embrace™ Varnish from Pulpdent

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Kara Vavrosky, RDHEP, discusses Embrace™ Varnish from Pulpdent.

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We are all familiar with fluoride varnish and its benefits to patients, such as treating hypersensitivity by occluding dentinal tubules. As I mentioned earlier, Pulpdent’s Embrace varnish is a 5% sodium fluoride varnish that also contains calcium, phosphate, and xylitol, or what Pulpdent has patented as cXp™ technology. cXP™ technology makes Embrace varnish different from other fluoride varnish options.

The cXp™ technology makes calcium and phosphate bioavailable after the varnish is applied. The way this happens is after application, the cXp™ formulation comes into contact with saliva, and the xylitol wrapper dissolves the cXp™ formulation, which releases calcium and phosphate ions. These ions react with the fluoride to create a protective fluorapatite layer on teeth. Xylitol also adds a pleasant taste, which patients and clinicians can appreciate. Additionally, Embrace varnish releases a higher amount of fluoride than some other varnishes over a period of 4 hours, and that release is consistently sustained.1

Embrace varnish also does not need to be mixed – it doesn’t separate in the package because the fluoride and cXp™ are suspended uniformly. This leads to a much more uniform dose for patients because if separation occurs in the package, that can create inconsistent dosing over the areas a varnish is applied. Embrace varnish is smooth and non-gritty, allowing it to stick to teeth but not to cheeks.

Embrace varnish is available in single-unit doses or in a tube, and it’s gluten and soy free and contains no Bisphenol A, bis-GMA, or BPA derivatives. Embrace varnish is competitively priced because there is no middleman – it’s made directly by Pulpdent. They manufacture the varnish as a premium product but keep costs low because one of Pulpdent’s goals is to make quality products available to all.

Get a FREE sample of Embrace™ Varnish here

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