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Andrea Kowalczyk, RDH, BS

Andrea Kowalczyk, RDH, BS
Andrea Kowalczyk, RDH, BS, is a Lead Talent Acquisition Partner for a large dental group. She is a published author, speaker, coach, and winner of the “2011 National Dental Hygiene Leader of the Year” at American Dental Partners. She can be reached at akowalczyk@amdpi.com.

Tried-and-True Tips to Land Your Dental Hygiene Dream Job

You can see it. You can almost feel it. Your dream job in your dream location just posted online, just waiting for you to grab it. Unfortunately, landing your ideal hygiene position can be a competitive endeavor. If a job is worthy of your daydreams, chances are other talented hygienists think it is worthy of theirs too. As with just...