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Arika Akhtar, BSHSA, RDH

Arika Akhtar, BSHSA, RDH
Arika Akhtar, BSHSA, RDH, graduated in 2017 from New York City College of Technology. After experiencing the ups and downs as a patient, she chose to provide quality care to her own patients one day. She continued her education and received her Bachelor of Health Service Administration in 2019 from New York City College of Technology. She is currently working with Kuraray America and practices on the weekends with Robin Hur DDS at Dental Excellence of NY in Queens, New York. She can be contacted at arika.akhtar@kuraray.com.

Battling Dental Patient and Hygienists’ Anxiety through the COVID-19 Pandemic

A year ago, I had a patient who experienced a panic attack, and everything I learned in hygiene school went out the window. My mind went completely blank, and I ran out to get help. I gave her bottled water and stayed by her side while the dentist asked her to take deep breaths and think of her happy...

Tips to Avoid Working in Fast Food Dentistry aka Prophy Mills

I remember the feeling of relief like it was just yesterday. I had jumped for joy after passing to officially become a registered dental hygienist! I was unstoppable, and I felt that I was finally about to have my life together. That summer, I had multiple interviews lined up since most employers were asking for one to two days of...

Physical & Mental Health: Reclaiming My Sanity as a Dental Hygienist

The anticipation of starting your career path, especially in a field where you know you can make a significant difference, is exhilarating. Unfortunately, that feeling can come crashing down when there are workplace stressors. Picture your most recent workday. Take a step back and assess your work routine. Do you rush into work and quickly set up to call your...