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Carolyn Paulino, CDA
Carolyn N. Paulino is a Certified Dental Assistant and Children’s Book Author. Mrs. Paulino became a Dental Assistant in 2012, right after resigning from her first job as a Flight Attendant.

After working in the Dental Field and becoming a mother, she decided to write and publish her first Children’s Book in April 2017. In only eight short months, Paulino’s book has been exhibited in the Annual American Library Association’s exhibit in June 2017, and in the National Education Association’s trade show in July 2017. Paulino’s book will also be exhibited in two exhibits in 2018. Her book titled My First Trip To The Dentist is the first book published out of many other titles she has lined up to publish soon.

Though Mrs. Paulino is still a Certified Dental Assistant, she is currently a stay at home mom to two little ones and dedicates all her free time to writing additional Children’s Books and is also working on an autobiography. Mrs. Paulino also dedicates some of her free time to her social media accounts where she shares her journey (book fairs, signings, etc.) as an Author, as well as dental tips.

Mrs. Paulino has been happily married to a U.S Soldier for seven years. Born in the Dominican Republic, raised in the Sunshine State, Florida, she currently resides in Maryland.

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