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Ethel Hagans, RDH, MBA

Ethel Hagans, RDH, MBA
Ethel Hagans, RDH, MBA, is passionate about giving back to the industry that has given her so much throughout her career. The genesis of which started in Germany, where she worked to develop a simple, yet effective, hygiene program for U.S. troops stationed there. She delivers insightful, home-hitting articles read by dental professionals worldwide. Her book, Motivating Dental Solutions, and articles have been featured in RDH Magazine, Dentistry IQ, and Modern Hygienist. She is a regular contributor on topics relating to, providing quality, not quantity, patient care. Ethel also volunteers for many charitable dental events, including North Carolina Missions of Mercy (NC MOM). For well over 27 years, Ethel has inspired her patients to improve their oral conditions and made it her mission to, “Make sure their pearly whites make it through those pearly gates.” Ethel’s book can be purchased at and she can be contacted through her website http://www.ethelhagans.com/.

The Pregnant Dental Hygienist

Dental hygiene is dominated by women, and because of this, you are more than likely going to encounter an office pregnancy. This exciting time in your life may prompt a few questions such as, how can you stay comfortable before and after delivering a healthy baby? You may wonder if you will be able to keep up with the...

Dedication to Patient Education

In the world of dentistry, being a hygienist requires you to be the best dental professional you can possibly be to care for your patients to the highest standards. Throughout my career, the things that have encompassed serving my patients to the highest standards have been educating my patients at EVERY appointment, thoroughly reviewing medical history in order to...

Why Dental Hygienists Should Sharpen their Own Instruments

Every hygienist can remember the first day they got their shiny, new instruments. Each instrument came with a clear purpose, a goal. There were so many and each one needed to be unwrapped, labeled, and properly sterilized. It was exciting to finally get the tools of the trade necessary to fight against periodontal disease. At the time, none of...