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Haley Cradic, RDH, BS

Haley Cradic, RDH, BS
Haley Cradic, RDH, BS, graduated from East Tennessee State University in 2018 with her Bachelors of Science degree in dental hygiene. She works part-time at a private practice in Rogersville, TN, and part-time at a non-profit clinic in Bristol, TN, that serves the uninsured people of Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. Haley is most passionate about being able to make a personal connection with each of her patients. When she’s not in the operatory, Haley enjoys reading, gardening, spending time outdoors, and spending time with her family.

The Top 5 Lies that Google Teaches Your Dental Patients

"If it's on the internet, it must be true." This phrase has jokingly been thrown around probably since the invention of the internet. This modern convenience has allowed so much information to be accessed and easily disseminated; however, it is important to fact-check online content. Unfortunately for dental workers (and health care in general), a quick Google search often...

How to Determine if a Patient Prefers a Chatty or Quiet Hygienist

Most career paths have a stereotype associated with them, which is usually untrue. For example, doctors are known for having "chicken scratch" handwriting. Librarians are known as little, old ladies with glasses, and police officers are rumored to love donuts. While these stereotypes were meant to be humorous, they don't define the careers. Several years ago, before I was even...

Lessons for Hygiene Rookies: “Lifelong” Learning Starts with Other Staff Members

Dental hygiene schools equip future clinicians with the knowledge to navigate through the daily trials of patient treatment. We are taught anatomical structures, clinical skills, radiographic interpretation, pro-fluoride arguments, and community health topics among many other lessons. Long clinic days and difficult patient cases mold us into more efficient and experienced hygienists. While hygiene school is the perfect cocoon where...