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Hannah Neumann, RDH
Hannah Neumann, RDH, attended Lane Community College, where she received her degree in dental hygiene in 2011. After working as a clinical dental hygienist for over 10 years, she is also currently returning to finish her Bachelor’s of Science at the Oregon Institute of Technology, studying business, dental hygiene, and public health. Hannah has previously spent time working at a healthcare clinic in Uganda, providing preventative and aiding in restorative care to the underserved children in the community. After working as a clinical dental hygienist for over five years, Hannah took a sabbatical and lived in Paris and Switzerland for over two years, teaching English and creating a guided tour in Paris. Upon her return, Hannah created a teeth-whitening company and is also currently working as an advocate for the advancement of hygienists’ scope of practice in her home state of Oregon. Hannah enjoys spending time with her family in her home city of Portland, and in her spare time, she plays piano, travels worldwide, and leads a book club.

Career Satisfaction: Golden Rules for a Happy Dental Hygiene Career

Throughout my career as a dental hygienist, I've gone through a wide range of phases regarding how I feel about the job. Sometimes, I absolutely despise the work, struggling with physical pain, mental exhaustion, and an overwhelming sense of repetitiveness. During other periods, I feel extremely happy and firmly believe hygiene is the best possible option I could have...

The Interstitium: New “Organ” Discovery and Its Potential Influence on the Oral-systemic Connection

During a recent commute to work, I listened to a particularly interesting episode of one of my favorite podcasts, “Radiolab,” which dove into a fairly recent and groundbreaking discovery in the human body called the interstitium. Until just a few years ago, doctors and scientists had missed an entire bodily organ of sorts, which was sitting right under our...

Human Error: Will Dentistry Discover Ways to Overcome Oral Health Barriers?

The path to good oral health is a complicated process, and it is one that requires proper motivation, skills, and habits ‒ all of which can often seem impossible to achieve. Different opinions and research exist about the most successful home care methods, and most of these approaches depend on proper human performance. For example, some research addresses this dilemma...