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Jill M. Thomas, LDH, BS

Jill M. Thomas, LDH, BS
Jill M. Thomas, LDH, BS, resides in Indianapolis, Indiana, and is a Hoosier native. She graduated with an associate’s degree from Indiana University School of Dentistry’s dental hygiene program in 2001. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in general studies with applied sciences and communications. After years of clinical dental hygiene, Jill suffered from a traumatic brain injury in 2015, which left her unable to practice. After a year of hard work, she was able to return; however, concern still tugged at the back of her mind. What if she had not been able to go back? What would have happened? It was at this time she realized she needed to further her education and earn her bachelor’s degree. Since then, she has expanded her career to include writing about communication topics and exploring health and wellness in the dental community. Her hobbies include running half marathons and 5K’s, petting dogs, eating, and petting dogs again.

How the Pandemic Strengthens the Case for Teledentistry and Dental Hygienists

Since the shut down over COVID-19, the dental world as we know it has changed, and teledentistry has become an industry buzz word. Although offices were closed, the need for emergency treatment did not stop. The time to already have a teledentistry platform in place had passed. Unfortunately, many offices fell short of this much-needed tool when they didn’t have...

Active Reflective Listening: Improving Communication Between Dental Patients and Staff

Have you ever wondered if anyone is actually listening? Do you feel like there is a breakdown of communication somewhere, and this is inhibiting your ability to get your message across to patients, staff members, and maybe even friends and family? I have been there, both as a clinician and a patient, as well as a family member and friend....