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Katherine Akkoul, EFDA, CDA

Katherine Akkoul, EFDA, CDA
Katherine Akkoul, CRDH, EFDA, CDA, is a married mom of two born and raised in upstate New York. In 2012, she moved to Southwest Florida and continued her college education. Dental hygiene has always been a dream of Katherine. In 2020, she graduated with her dental assisting certification that Katherine utilized, working as an assistant in a pediatric dental office while in school for dental hygiene. After graduating in Spring 2022, she moved back to upstate New York to practice as a dental hygienist. Katherine enjoys sitting by the pool in the sun when the weather is sunny and 75 and spending time with her children and husband.

Unexpected Challenges: How to Be Prepared for Dental Hygiene School

Whether we are currently in a dental hygiene program or a graduate, we can probably agree about the experiences of a dental hygiene student. The first thing we can agree on is making sure dental hygiene is something you want to do. It is going to take some grit. Being enrolled in the dental hygiene program can be a challenge....

Employment During Dental Hygiene School: A Daunting Challenge, but Possible

Are you considering going to hygiene school but uncertain about supporting your family while in school? In my opinion, working through school is possible, but it takes a lot of work. Many adults ask the above question before going back to school regardless of the chosen curriculum. However, dental hygiene school is much more demanding than typical liberal arts degrees....