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Kellie Donnelly, RDH

Kellie Donnelly, RDH
Kellie Donnelly is a Registered Dental Hygienist practicing clinical hygiene in San Diego, California. After attending U.C. Berkeley for her undergraduate studies, she continued to pursue her degree in Dental Hygiene at San Joaquin Valley College in Chula Vista, CA.

Kellie has a passion for patient-centered healthcare with an emphasis on personal/bio individualism and nutrition. She loves sharing her knowledge about achieving optimal oral health with her patients! She believes it is a privilege to serve others in the pursuit of oral wellness. Having and forming personal, trusted relationships with her patients is a strong suit, and she continues to play a key role in growing her dentist’s private practice.

By utilizing the latest ethical, and scientific-based technology, she accepts the daily challenge of managing periodontal health. Kellie understands that everyone is different. She thrives on navigating patients towards a unique, tailored approach to oral health. Healthy smiles are just the beginning of overall systemic health in her book! She is in the pursuit to transform lifestyles and improve quality of life. Functional and holistic medicine are making a huge impact on today’s wellness approaches. Kellie is interested in learning more about the power of natural and simple remedies that aid daily dental hygiene practices. The connection between whole food and whole body health excites her!

When Kellie is not busy impacting others in the dental office, you can find her hiking mountains, traveling the world with her flight attendant husband, loving on her amazing family, and counting her blessings! She plans on never quenching her thirst for knowledge and will continue to explore and contribute to all that the field of dental hygiene has to offer.

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