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Lisa Curbow, BAAS, RDH

Lisa Curbow, BAAS, RDH, has been in clinical practice for almost three decades, practicing in both periodontal and general offices. She also serves as an office manager and hospital coordinator. Lisa earned her AAS in Dental Hygiene from Tyler Junior College and her BAAS in Organizational Leadership from Texas A&M Commerce. She lives in Tyler, Texas, with her husband and three children. Having a child on the spectrum fostered her interest in better serving those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Lisa’s passion is empowering others to be better equipped to treat patients with special needs. She is a member of the Special Care Dentistry Association (SCDA) and the International Association for Disability & Oral Health (iADH).

Breaking Barriers: Teledentistry Expands Access to Care for Patients with Special Needs

Teledentistry has emerged in recent years as a transformative solution in dentistry. By utilizing telecommunication technology, this innovative approach has the potential to assist with oral health services for patients, including those with special needs. With its ability to overcome geographical barriers, enhance access to care, and improve oral health outcomes, teledentistry has become a helpful tool in supporting...

Dental Care for Patients with Autism: Strategies for Home and Office Care

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects communication and social interaction. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one in 36 children in the United States was diagnosed with ASD in 2020.1 That is an increase from one in 54 in 2016 (see Figure 1). Diagnostic Year Prevalence One in X children 2020 One in 36 2018 One in 44 2016 One...