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Rebecca Perez, BSDH
Rebecca Perez, BSDH, received her Bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2005. She has professional experience in a variety of private practice settings working as a temp. Rebecca is currently employed in public health in Durham, North Carolina. She hopes to continue to expand her dental hygiene career in the future and is a member of ADHA and NCDHA.

A Look at Forensic Dentistry & How Teeth Are Used to Identify a Person

A big part of mainstream media is criminal investigations and law enforcement dramas. Most of the time, these involve missing persons or murder investigations. As a dental hygienist, this brought about some interest in determining if it was possible to identify a person from a single tooth. There are several different manners of using teeth to identify a person; the...

Dentistry in the Emergency Department

The Affordable Care Act has brought to attention many of the disparities in our health care system.  While it has addressed many different health care needs of patients in regards to access to care, it has not fully addressed dental care and dental insurance. A variety of different populations still do not have a dental home, and many visit...

Bridging the Gap between Medicine and Dentistry

The question, “What does my blood pressure have to do with my teeth?” is likely one dental hygienists who take blood pressure have heard. As dental hygienists, we realize the simple answer to this question is a lot; specifically safety while under our treatment and overall health of the patient. Many clinicians have had cases of referring a patient...