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Samantha Verdadero, RDH, BSDH

Samantha Verdadero, RDH, BSDH
Samantha T. Verdadero, RDH, BSDH, is a central New Jersey native who grew up in a small town. Her passion for patient care started at the age of fifteen when she volunteered with the Somerville First Aid and Rescue squad and later became an Emergency Medical Technician. She did, however, have a familial influence in dentistry as she was able to shadow her family dentist. She later attended New York University College of Dentistry where she received her training and Bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene.

Presently, Samantha practices full-time dental hygiene in Maryland and is an educational consultant for Align Technology. She believes that her patients deserve more than just a "teeth cleaning" -- every patient deserves the opportunity to be educated in their oral health and its relationship to their overall health.

Outside of dentistry, Samantha enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, photography, and indoor cycling. Samantha also has a developing talent for the culinary arts and cosmetology.

Gingival Recession: It’s Not the Toothbrush’s Fault

Let’s think about how many times we’ve heard the following chief complaints from our patients: “I have cold sensitivity,” “I’m noticing a dark spot close to my gum line (a.k.a. black triangle),” “I think I’m brushing too hard,” or, “I started flossing, and I noticed my gums starting to recede.” Raise your hand if you have heard any of...

Say “Yes” to the Treatment: Building Confidence in Restorative Case Acceptance

Truth be told, I had another version of this article with “how-tos,” “what-to-dos,” and pieces of advice from my experience thus far; I thought that would be the best way to share with my fellow dental hygienists. I will share those with you, but I also want to highlight the best way to gain restorative case acceptance is through...

Charcoal White: The Charcoal Teeth Whitening Trend on your Social Media Feed

My first patient in the morning was a woman in her late 20s. I had seen her once before, trying to remember if I had noted anything specific about her that will help me interact with her socially before we got into the routine of her visit. As I evaluated her gingival health, I noticed it wasn’t healthy at...

A Life Behind Bars or a Future You Can See: Traditional Braces vs. Clear Aligners

Dear dental hygienists, I know it’s tough to perform a prophylaxis around braces. You know how hard it is for the patient to maintain cleanliness, living a dental life behind “bars.” We know for a fact that dentistry is advancing especially when clear aligners are available as an option for patients. Although this is not for us to decide...