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Sierra Palmer, RDH, BSDH

Sierra Palmer, RDH, BSDH
Sierra Palmer, RDH, BSDH, graduated from Oregon Institute of Technology in March 2014, immediately enrolling in OIT’s Bachelor Completion program. Sierra obtained her Bachelor’s degree in March 2015. Currently, she is enrolled in Idaho State University’s Master of Science in Dental Hygiene program with an emphasis on dental hygiene education. She has a passion for learning and a desire to spread her knowledge of the dental hygiene profession to others. Sierra has worked full time since 2015 in private practice near her hometown. Recently, she has cut back to part-time so her and husband can enjoy their newest little addition to their family as well as to focus on completing her thesis.

5 Things Most Students Don’t Learn in Hygiene School

Congratulations! You have finally graduated from hygiene school (that you thought would never end), you have passed all of your boards, and have landed your first job in private practice. Before you begin to feel too overwhelmed, here are some things I wish I knew after hygiene school. Not All Patients Will Be Nice In hygiene school, patients knew that...

5 Reasons I am Proud to be a Dental Hygienist

We can all probably relate to moments when we lose sight of the reasons we went into the dental field in the first place and, at times, can get caught up in the negative, forgetting what a great profession we are lucky to be a member of. Everyone has their own journey and motivational factors that led them to...

Time Management: Making the Most of the Hygiene Appointment

Managing our time effectively in patient care is stressful, tiresome, and can often be out of our control. In 2018, Nayaka describes time management as planning available time in conjunction with personal goals while keeping individual likes, dislikes, and preferences in mind.1 She also states that good time management results in less stress, greater productivity, and improved efficiency. In hygiene...