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Tiana Thomas, RDH
Tiana Thomas, RDH, is a highly motivated dental hygienist from Waterville, ME. Currently, she is happily employed in a family dental practice, working Monday thru Thursday. Her desire for educating others and seeing patients improve their oral health is something she is truly passionate about. Tiana is a recent college graduate from the University of New England (UNE) and hopes to pursue a Master's degree in dental hygiene someday. During Tiana’s time at UNE, she and her classmate won the Yankee Dental Congress student poster session in Boston, MA. There were only eight finalists selected by the Congress. The two were then recognized at a dinner shortly after the event by the American Academy of Dental Science for their achievement. The poster topic was about the prevalence of osteoporosis in dental hygienists, and all of the methods hygienists can implement into their daily lives to prevent the likelihood of developing osteoarthritis. Tiana was also inducted into the Alpha Phi Sigma-National Dental Hygiene Honors Society, which is a society that senior dental hygiene students must be nominated for by program faculty based off of scholarship, service, leadership, and potential for professional growth. Outside of the dental hygiene world, Tiana is very dedicated to her overall health and wellness. She is constantly on the go, whether it be training for her next big long-distance running race, lifting weights in the gym, or tending to her precious furbaby at home.

Dental Assisting for Dental Hygienists

Diving into my first job as a newly registered dental hygienist, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The dentist suggested it would be best for me to learn some dental assisting before jumping into treating hygiene patients on my own. I didn’t have any problem with starting my new job this way, and I thought it would be neat...

Keeping It Real as a New College Grad

I have been working in a dental office now for less than a year and have landed my first real job as a licensed dental hygienist. I am learning new things each day and am beginning to feel more comfortable using my instruments and taking radiographs. However, being new comes with its own set of challenges; especially patients joking...