Curion, formerly Bisco Canada, Unveils Exciting New Look and Leadership Team

Dental industry leader Bisco Canada’s empowering new name and look are built on decades-long knowledge and partnership building.

Today Bisco Canada announced it has rebranded as Curion. The new name and identity, stemming from the word “cura” meaning “to care”, are born out of a desire to reflect their breakout growth as curators of expert-driven dental solutions in Canada, built on long-lasting relationships throughout the years.

The family-led company has come a long way since its humble beginnings when founder Ron Suh laid the first stone in 1991: “I started Bisco Canada with little more than sheer determination and the will to establish Bisco as the most trusted brand of dental adhesion in Canada. When I look at the company today, I am proud and excited to see the innovations being built on Bisco’s foundational commitment to quality and excellence.”

A new era of dynamic dentistry

Suh passes the torch to new directors and family, Chris and Jennifer Chung, partners in life and business. “I have a profound admiration and respect for what our founder, my father-in-law, built,” says Chris Chung, Curion’s CEO. “His determination has been a great inspiration to me, and I am honoured to be one of the stewards to carry on his legacy while continuing to evolve the company towards a future of endless possibility.”

Chris Chung, Curion’s CEO

Backed by a dream team of strategic collaborators, including VP of Sales and Marketing, Anna Kajda-Minett, the fresh energy and clarity of vision prompted a renewal.

“Our rebrand harnesses our history to shed light on our strategic vision for the future,” says CEO, Chris Chung. “As we embark on this new journey, it is our promise that Curion will continue to adhere to the values that got us here, building upon the long-standing relationships that we established as Bisco Canada. Moreover, we promise to extend this mindset to continue to discover new and better ways to positively impact the dental industry.”

The joy in dentistry

Curion wants to dynamize the dental industry by continuing to build partnerships with industry leaders—such as Bisco inc., LM-Dental, Garrison, Vista Apex, Smile Line and RTD by Dentsply Sirona⁠—while empowering dental professionals across Canada.

The new look embodies a human-centric approach—with a laser focus on innovation, evidence-backed products and techniques—based on its rich history of relationship-building. The logo represents harmony, balance and dynamism paving the way to the future.

With a mission to inspire, renew and elevate dental careers, the company offers a brand-new website, extra-mile customer experience and expert-driven continuing education.

Built upon the idea of empowering the next generation, Curion seeks to bring a new edge to dentistry with an eye to the future.

About Curion

Curion, formerly Bisco Canada, is a curator of innovative, high-quality products for dental professionals, offering extra-mile customer experience and expert-driven education. With exclusive brands, in-depth knowledge, and the willingness and agility to constantly evolve, Curion inspires generations of dental professionals to love what they do.

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