Kara RDH Demonstrates Injection-free Dental Anesthesia Using Cetacaine Liquid

Video sponsored by Cetylite.

Kara RDH discusses and demonstrates the features, benefits and technique to use non-injectable Cetacaine Liquid (benzocaine 14%, butamben 2%, tetracaine HCl 2%) in patients, for long lasting anesthesia to the mucous membrane for soft tissue periodontal treatments. A Cetacaine Liquid 30g bottle treats up to 300 quadrants for less than $2 per dose. Anesthesia takes effect in about 30 seconds and lasts for up to 60 minutes. When used with Cetacaine delivery syringes, you draw up the amount needed, maximum dose 0.4mL, without wasting a drop. Cetacaine is also available as a gel for pre-injection anesthesia and as a spray for suppression of the gag reflex. Liquid Kits include delivery tips and syringes, or they can be purchased separately.

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