quip Launches Toothbrush Specifically Designed for Kids

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A grown-up brush. Designed for kids.

Kids find pride in using products that look and feel like those the adults in their life use, so quip made a grown-up toothbrush designed for kids, to help them enjoy brushing their teeth, better and more often. quip for kids has all of the same guiding features of the original quip (but none of the childish gimmicks of other kids’ brushes), thoughtfully tweaked for smaller mouths and hands, and to help guide healthy habits that last beyond their baby teeth.

We spent a year working with Kids and Pediatric dentists to work out what would make up the ideal kids brush. The dentists’ most common request was to create a brush that replicated the fundamental habit and attitude changing effect our adult brushes have had: encouraging and guiding an effective two minute, twice daily brushing routine. The most impactful finding during research was that Kids would beam with pride when they were given a “grown-up” electric brush, and parents were relieved to see this lasting excitement, rather than the short lived buzz a typical flashy kids brush usually had. The act of brushing went from something kids would avoid at all costs, to a routine they consistently looked forward to, which was a dentist and parents dream. After a few tweaks to help improve grip for smaller hands, and a brush head perfect for smaller teeth, the same simple, signature quip silhouette and sensitive, timed sonic vibrations were the key to inspiring Kids’ positive attitudes and adherence to their oral care routine.

– Simon Enever, CEO of quip

“There’s a common misconception that oral health is less important for children because primary teeth eventually fall out. Brushing with good technique from an early age is important to help reduce plaque, prevent cavities and maintain healthy gums. Baby teeth play many critical roles in development: they help to save space for the adult teeth, support proper craniofacial bone growth, and aid in eating and speech development. Childhood habits also prepare you to live as a healthy adult.”

– Dr. Jeremy Krell, DMD, Director of Dental at quip


  • $25 for a Kids electric toothbrush starter set with brush head + Watermelon Flavored toothpaste subscription ($10 every 3 months with free shipping)

  • $30 for a Kids electric toothbrush starter set with a brush head subscription ($5 every 3 months with free shipping)

  • Special wholesale discounts for Kids electric toothbrush starter sets are available to dental practices who join quip’s practice program and purchase in increments of 20 or more.


Sensitive sonic vibrations

    • Single mode, timed for two minutes with guiding pulses every 30 seconds.

    • Soft bristles made safe for gums (and safe for braces)

    • Tailored for kids: Smaller head to clean smaller teeth.

    • Sensitive vibrations safe on gums and with less mess & splatter

Lightweight soft plastic handle

    • Tailored for kids: Easy-to-hold, comfortable, non-slip grip for smaller hands.

    • Waterproof and shower-safe

    • Slim design lasts for life

    • Tailored for kids: Available in four colors (pink, green, purple, blue).

Multi-use cover

    • Mirror mount, no counter clutter

    • Slim stand stores within reach

    • Covers bristles to protect on the go

    • No silly gimmicks like lights or music

Refreshed every 3 months

    • Lasts 3 months on battery charge

    • Fresh head delivered every 3 months

    • Free battery included with head refill

    • Rechargeable battery compatible

    • No wires or bulky charger

The first ADA-accepted kids electric toothbrush with a refill plan

General Company Overview

  • quip has sold over one million of its award-winning, American Dental Association accepted electric toothbrushes through its direct to consumer website since its launch in late 2015.

  • In October 2018, quip expanded into an omni-channel approach through a nationwide launch into Target, enabling it to accelerate access to affordable oral care for millions more consumers in 2019 and beyond.

  • quip’s entry into Target followed the acquisition of Afora, the New York-based dental care membership plan. The acquisition accelerated quip’s mission to offer a more simple and affordable alternative to dental insurance for millions of potential consumers both directly through its website and through partnerships and employers.