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Christine Colfer, RDH

Christine Colfer, RDH
Christine Colfer, RDH, is a practicing clinician in Paoli, Pennsylvania. She is passionate about improving the oral health of all her patients through education and personalized care built on long-term relationships. Christine believes in treating patients as a whole by taking into consideration their overall health both physically and psychologically.

When not in the operatory, Christine enjoys spending as much time as possible with her husband and daughter. Among other things she loves reading, cooking, trips to Disney World and trivia games.

The Anti-Fluoride Revival

There are few breakthroughs in dental medicine that can compare to the effectiveness and poetically simple discovery of fluoride for the use of caries prevention. We know through education and experience that fluoride is an indispensable component of our fight against tooth decay. As dental professionals, it can be easy to take for granted this ally in dental health...

Beating the Dental Hygiene Blahs

I can still remember how it felt in those first few months out of hygiene school. The anxiety over finding a job, the thrill of landing one, and the excitement of finally being able to practice Dental Hygiene as a clinician in private practice. It was all so new and exhilarating, like setting off on an adventure into my...

Cutting through the Premedication Confusion

To premedicate or not to premedicate, that is the question, and it has become an increasingly difficult question to answer. New clinical research and recommendations are colliding with long-held, but outdated, protocols to create the perfect storm of confusion for clinicians. Add to that the controversy regarding the overuse of antibiotics, and it becomes apparent that this issue is...

How Appropriate is Botox in the Dental Office?

There is a new treatment option making its way into dental offices around the country. It’s a little bit controversial but enormously innovative. The dental professionals that choose to offer this treatment and embrace its potential in the dental field will need to get past some preconceived notions first though. That is because this innovative new treatment is Botox...