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Corina Hartley, RDH
Corina Hartley, RDH, is a Registered Dental Hygienist in the province of British Columbia, Canada. Moving from Ontario in 2015 to establish herself in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, she is surrounded by mountains and lakes and loved by her very supportive husband, four children, and two very spoiled feline fur babies. Graduating from Durham College in Oshawa, Ontario, in 2006, she has experienced the challenges of commuting to big cities, working in more remote areas, and also temping at various offices with differing ethnic backgrounds. While her family will always be her first love, the dental world is certainly the field she is passionate about. Corina has a unique ability to relax the most phobic patient and calm an irate one with a smile, understanding attitude, and calm with a special sense of humor. She enjoys really getting to the heart of the matter with everything she does in life, and this is demonstrated with her witty writing abilities as well. Corina’s biggest desire is to share life with as many people as possible through close-up experiences, story-telling, and simply just being present.

Tempted to Temp? 10 Ways to Prepare Yourself for the Best Day Possible

Like life, temping is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you're going to get. Well said, Forrest! At one point or another, you may consider taking on the challenge of temping for an office you’ve never been to, or maybe returning to one you’ve already graced with your awesome presence. So, just how prepared are you? Do...

Top 30 Things Dental Hygienists Can Do During Self-Isolation

Twiddling your thumbs, strangling your significant other if they even look at you the wrong way, and changing from day pajamas into nighttime ones by 7 p.m.? Stuck in a rut and not sure what to do next with yourself or your beloved children who are so bored you’d do anything at this point to keep them busy even...

Dental Nerves of Steel: Passing My Anesthetic Certification Exam

Sweaty palms, right armpit smelling as per its now-normal state thanks to menopause, light-headedness from lack of sleep thanks to anxiety over the exam, and again, hormonal insomnia. Nausea so bad I thought I might vomit right on my partner… who lay there trusting me with her life. She gagged so hard, sitting up, coughing from all the extra anesthetic...