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Kristen King, RDH, BS

Kristen King, RDH, BS, graduated from the University of Oklahoma Dental Hygiene Program and has enjoyed practicing hygiene for 25 years in such places as Texas, Virginia, El Salvador, and Oklahoma. She currently practices in a biologic practice in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and loves utilizing ozone therapies and the dental microscope. Kristen is a member of The American Academy for Oral Systemic Health (AAOSH) and has graduated from the Bale/Doneen Preceptorship course on cardiovascular disease prevention for healthcare providers. Educating patients on how oral infections are linked to systemic disease and helping empower patients to heal their oral microbiome is a primary goal. Any chance she can get, she loves to travel with her husband and two daughters, meeting new people, and sampling unique foods.

Dental Microscope Brings Macro Results: Building Value with Oral Pathogen Analysis

A few years ago, our dental office implemented a microscope for the hygiene room. Game changer! I had no idea what a profound impact the instrument would have on dental hygiene treatment. There is much more awareness of the oral-systemic link these days. When discussing the oral-systemic link, we must discuss the oral microbiome. Biofilm is the collection of various...

Holistic Hygiene: Is It Dental Hygiene for Hippies?

What do you think of when you hear the word holistic? Hippies? Patchouli? Herbs? Crystals? Someone who doesn’t shave or wear deodorant? The Oxford dictionary defines holistic as treating the whole person rather than just the symptoms of a disease. Hmm. Sounds a lot like oral-systemic health talk, doesn’t it? So far, so good. Not too strange yet? Nutrition In a holistic...