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Trish Walraven, RDH, BS

Trish Walraven, RDH, BS
Trish Walraven, RDH, BS, founded DentalBuzz.com in 2008 as a platform to explore rising trends in dentistry. She has been a hygienist for over 25 years and has cared for patients from many backgrounds, which has shaped her understanding of the effects that dental insurance has had on both the access and implementation of dental care. She and her husband co-created BlueNote Communicator Lights; a HIPAA secure communication tool that improves dental and medical office culture with computerized dashboard systems.

Why Dental Insurance Makes Good People Do Bad Things

When I was a kid, my dad would tell me on the way to the dentist to be prepared to pay out of my own pocket for any cavities I had. $38 per filling was an insane amount of money for an eight-year-old with a 75 cent allowance per week and 7-Eleven candy habit. I hedged my bets that...