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How much do you know about dentinal hypersensitivity?

Disclosure: We value transparency at Today’s RDH. This quiz is sponsored content from Dentsply Sirona Preventive as part of our sponsored partner program. 

The Scientific Links Between Periodontitis and Maternity Outcomes

Every year, advances in medical and dental research uncover new ways in which a healthy oral cavity contributes to overall health and vice versa. Many of the bacteria we once thought were limited to the mouth and throat have been discovered to play important roles in health or disease conditions throughout the body. For decades, periodontitis has been positively linked...

Skip the Sip: Reducing Tooth Erosion

dental caries prevention
A recent study published by the British Dental Journal points to the deleterious effects that eating and drinking habits may cause in relation to tooth erosion. Lead researcher, Dr. Saoirse O'Toole (from the Department of Tissue Engineering and Biophotonics at the King's College London Dental Institute), and her team worked to determine which foods and drinks proved to be most devastating in causing...

Alleviating Dentinal Hypersensitivity with Shield Force Plus

Shield Force Plus
Disclosure: We value transparency at Today’s RDH. This article is sponsored content from Tokuyama Dental America as part of our sponsored partner program. A familiar problem Dentinal hypersensitivity is a common pain that is estimated to occur in approximately 15% to 20% of all dental patients. It is widely accepted that in almost all cases, this sensitivity is caused by rapid fluid movement...

Science Confirms Patients with Substance Abuse Disorders Have Poorer Dental Health

Substance abuse is on the rise across America with an estimated 3 million new users every year. This population has unique needs and identifying and understanding the consequences of substance abuse on dental health is crucial. A new review published in the journal, Addiction, shows a link between substance abuse and poorer dental health. Patients with a substance-abuse disorder have greater amounts...

Recurrent Caries Prevention Just Got Smarter

It was simply a matter of time before smart technology met up with dentistry. In what can become a game changer in the dental industry, researchers are discovering a methodology for reducing the incidence of recurrent dental caries. Restorations: An Ideal Bacteria Building Chamber In what is likely a classic conundrum, for years dentists have struggled with recurrent caries. Recurrent caries...

How much do you know about face masks?

Disclosure: We value transparency at Today’s RDH. This quiz is sponsored content from Dentsply Sirona Preventive as part of our sponsored partner program. 

Science Shows Genetics & Parent Example Affect Children’s Oral Health

Dental health problems, particularly the impact of various types of dental bacteria, is a complicated situation that is difficult to assess. Numerous studies have been taken to understand how genetics and environmental factors impact a child's dental development. The finding of one recent study is worth examining alongside that of similar reviews to get a feel for how parents...

Advances in Endodontic Diagnostics: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Dentistry

Emerging research into the diagnostic phase of endodontics has exciting implications for emergency care, structural restoration, function, aesthetics, and most importantly--interdisciplinary care. Multidisciplinary dentistry has become essential for optimizing the patient outcome as well as the comfort and confidence of the clinician. The advances in technology afforded by thoughtful research allow for enhanced endodontic predictability. Learning endodontics techniques is an important method for...

Microbubbles & Biofilm: The Power of Cavitating Jets

Dental implants are an exciting alternative to bridges and dentures, eliminating many of the aesthetic and practical issues associated with removable dentures. The innovation doesn't stop there, however, as researchers devote resources to important studies, striving to make dental implants even easier to maintain and clean. Recently, researchers conducted a study on cavitating jets and their efficacy in cleaning...