Colgate’s Anywhere Anytime: Offer Immediate Relief for Sensitivity During Dental Treatment

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Have you started using the miracle in a tube? Every day we treat patients with dentinal hypersensitivity that makes the appointment uncomfortable or fearful. Worse yet are dental patients who choose not to seek treatment because of perceived pain that may occur. We now have a treatment option that is fast, affordable, proven, and long-acting.

Anywhere Anytime by Colgate is instant relief. Apply the thin serum and rub in for one minute and do not rinse it off, then instant desensitization! This product can be used at the start of the appointment on areas the patient knows are sensitive, or as the appointment progresses and sensitive areas are encountered. Patients undergoing scaling and root planing treatment can quickly have the serum applied postoperatively to decrease potential sensitivity.

The best part is not just the amazing speed at which the patients get relief. It’s that the patient takes the remainder of the product home. Some areas can be uncomfortable after treatment, and the patient has confidence that they will remain comfortable, adding to the value of the additional fee assessed for the product.

More than half of our patients experience some form of tooth-related sensitivity, particularly those who have undergone scaling and root planing. Patients with recession are also prone to exposed dentin in the canine and bicuspid areas.

“Dentin hypersensitivity is characterized by short, sharp pain arising from exposed dentin in response to stimuli that are typically thermal, evaporative, tactile, osmotic, or chemical in nature.”1

Dentin sensitivity can be a truly painful experience that is both rapid and sharp, commonly referred to as zingers. These zingers affect the quality of life for many of our patients and day to day food and beverage options may become limited. Often patients will choose to avoid thermal stimuli such as coffee or ice cream and avoid sweets rather than seeking dental treatment.

For some, the pain is so significant that daily home care suffers as the sensitive areas cannot be adequately cleaned. Patients may also experience pain from other sources such as caries, fractures, or traumatic occlusion, so professional diagnosis should guide the appropriate course of action and treatment.

Ingredients Already Serve a Natural Purpose

Arginine is a non-allergenic, natural amino acid already found in saliva. New technology has proven that the combination of arginine and calcium carbonate found in the serum of Colgate’s Anywhere Anytime provides sensitivity relief in just one minute! The technology is unique in that the two key components “work together to accelerate the natural mechanisms of occlusion to deposit a dentin-like mineral containing calcium and phosphate within the dentin tubules and in a protective layer on the dentin surface.”2

The simple application of a small dab of the serum directly to the affected area and massaging it into the tooth structure either with a finger or swab will create a physical obstruction to the dentin tubules, blocking the sensitivity. The product changes the pH and draws minerals from the saliva into the tubules, creating an instant protective bond. According to studies, the sensitivity relief lasts for an average of 28 days. Many patients, though, report a much longer result.

Typical desensitizing toothpastes contain an active ingredient that is usually a form of potassium added to the paste to create an obstruction in the tubules. While these sensitivity relief pastes have a definite application in the marketplace, the typical onset for relief is one month with two times daily applications of two minutes each. Which of your patients wants to wait a month for relief?

Application Suggestions

The newly re-released Anywhere Anytime comes in a convenient single patient tube that is used chairside and then given to the patient for use anywhere, anytime it is needed. If a patient is aware of an area of sensitivity, or the clinician notices an area of exposed dentin, simply pop the cap and apply a small amount of the serum with either a gloved finger or swab.

Massage the serum in for one full minute and then begin treatment. Some clinicians choose to reapply postoperatively and use this time to demonstrate to the patient the ease of application. Patients who undergo scaling and root planing or treatment where the dentin may become exposed the application before and after treatment will help to alleviate any potential sensitivity.

Prior to whitening procedures, many clinicians are applying the Anywhere Anytime serum to prevent “zingers,” those horrible sharp pains that may accompany whitening, and then again sending the tube home for patient use. Remind patients that this product is a serum to be applied and massaged directly to the sensitive area and not a paste to be brushed on.

Clinicians can open the conversation of sensitivity by explaining, “The arginine-calcium carbonate technology blocks the pathway to pain by occluding and sealing open dentin tubules.”2 This ensures a long-lasting relief and is unique in that the primary ingredients active ingredients, calcium and arginine are found naturally in saliva. This knowledge may help with patients requesting a holistic and natural approach to product usage.

Each office chooses the fee for the Anywhere Anytime serum and has the opportunity to either add it to the treatment fee or use billing code 9910 and a separate line item. Having the patient take home the serum adds value for the product.

In just one minute, a clinician can create an environment of trust. Patients who are comfortably relaxed in the chair have a far greater experience, and we all know that leads to referrals to your practice and rave reviews.


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Debbi Viger, RDH, BHS
Debra Viger, RDH, BHS, has 30 years of clinical dental hygiene, dental office management, and treatment coordination experience. Embracing a complete approach to efficient dental office operations, she successfully encourages offices to work at peak performance levels with a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm. She is past president of McHenry County Dental Hygiene Society and past chair of continuing education. She has published in both RDH and Access Magazine.

Debra is currently a Director of Outreach, teaching daily home care techniques, nutrition for dental health, and desensitization for the developmentally delayed and autistic community. Through her program, she has demonstrated that all patients are special and need unique treatment options. This programming is easily shared including the video training. Reach out for further information to nviger8 [at]