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New Research Shows Tooth Loss May Lead to Cardiovascular Disease

New research reveals there may be a potential link between tooth loss and cardiovascular disease. Researchers presented data from a recent study at the Lifestyle and Cardiometabolic Health Scientific Sessions during the 2018 American Heart Association's Epidemiology and Prevention conference. According to the results of the preliminary study, middle-aged patients who lost two or more of their natural teeth had a higher chance...

Study Reveals Toothpaste Can’t Prevent Dental Erosion or Improve Dentin Hypersensitivity

The toothpaste aisle is stocked with multiple brands that claim to prevent enamel erosion and improve dentin hypersensitivity. However, a study published in the Scientific Reports reveals that toothpaste cannot protect dental enamel from erosion or abrasion alone. The full study, titled "Chemical and physical factors of desensitizing and/or anti-erosive toothpastes associated with lower erosive tooth wear," was conducted by researchers at the...

Acupuncture Shows Promise in Reducing Dental Anxiety According to Study

Dental anxiety may be dismissed by some individuals as inconsequential, but the reality is that dental anxiety can be crippling for those affected. Because of dental anxiety, individuals don't always receive the level of care needed to prevent and/or treat dental problems. As a result, minor concerns can become worse due to neglect, and major problems can linger and...

The Use of Amelogenin in Dental Caries Prevention and Treatment

Dental caries - tooth decay - is hardly a glamorous condition and may seem insignificant in light of other more complex, dental conditions and diseases. However, its impact on humanity is practically immeasurable, as dental caries is a persistent problem that continues to affect billions of people globally. Treatment options continue to be fairly straightforward, but somewhat limited, and...

Test Your Ultrasonic Scaling Knowledge!

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SURVEY: Your Feedback Wanted on Dental Hygiene Products!

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Povidone Iodine and Fluconazole in Treating Early Childhood Dental Caries

Early childhood dental caries is a particularly harsh form of tooth decay, as it can cause severe damage to teeth. Treatment is often challenging, and more-invasive modalities such as surgery are sometimes necessary to achieve a resolution; in fact, surgery for caries is one of the most common day surgery procedures performed in children under five years of age for any...

Fluoride Varnish Shown to Prevent Dental Caries in Young Children

Fluoride varnish shows great promise for preventing tooth decay in young children, according to recent findings by researchers at the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care. Below is more information about this important study and its implications for using fluoride varnish to protect the vulnerable teeth of young children. What Is Fluoride Varnish? Fluoride varnish is composed of concentrated fluoride mixed...

Hygienist Profile: Getting to Know Whitney aka Teeth Talk Girl!

The Today’s RDH Hygienist Profile is an ongoing series that features dental hygienists who have expanded their career beyond clinical work, are putting a unique spin on dental hygiene, or have gone above and beyond as a preventive specialist. To kick off the Today’s RDH Hygienist Profile series, we interview Whitney, RDH, BS, also known as Teeth Talk Girl!...

Test your Dental Radiograph Knowledge!

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