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Study Shows Dental Erosion from Beverages at Nanoscale Level Using Microscopy

According to data from 2019 compiled by Statista, Mexico and the United States lead the world with the highest carbonated soft drinks consumption. Millions of people suffer from tooth decay, heart disease, and other serious health issues as a result of their daily intake of sugary beverages. Now there is research detailing the mechanical and morphological changes that occur in...

Study Finds Replacement for Oral Surgery Blades

In nearly all oral surgeries, blades are common tools. But these tools cannot distinguish between diseased and healthy tissues. And that's why they may result in unnecessary damage, pain and longer recovery times. It is also one of the reasons why a dental appointment often instills fear in most patients. Add the fear of surgery to that appointment, and most...

Scientists Discover that Antibacterial Fillings Can Help Prevent Tooth Decay

Oral bacteria can have a negative impact on a patient's overall health. As a result, scientists are continuously trying to find new ways to stop oral bacteria from spreading to other parts of the body. A recent study suggests that dental restoratives and other filling materials can help fight tooth decay when antibacterial ingredients are added. An article published in the...

The Relationship Between Poor Dental Hygiene and Cancer

In a study released January 16, 2018, from the Health Sciences Campus at Tufts University, researchers are reporting a noticeable connection between gum disease and incidents of cancer. Connecting the Dots This study came about through the collaborative efforts between two epidemiologists, Dominique Michaud (Tufts University School of Medicine) and Elizabeth Platz (Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and Kimmel Cancer Center)....

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