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The Relationship Between Poor Dental Hygiene and Cancer

In a study released January 16, 2018, from the Health Sciences Campus at Tufts University, researchers are reporting a noticeable connection between gum disease and incidents of cancer. Connecting the Dots This study came about through the collaborative efforts between two epidemiologists, Dominique Michaud (Tufts University School of Medicine) and Elizabeth Platz (Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and Kimmel Cancer Center)....

Nano-Dentistry: Squid Ink and Mini-Robots In Your Mouth

The field of nanodentistry is progressing rapidly from theory to practice as dental researchers seek ever more precise methods for dentists to maintain and improve oral health. Nanotechnology has been at the forefront of scientific advances for decades. It has not had, until recently, viable clinical applications. Nanotechnology is based on manipulating matter at the cellular level. The term nano is...

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